Honeywell 150m Wireless Plug-in Doorbell kit with Wireless Chrome Bell Push on Black Perspex Plinth

  • £92.90

A high quality wireless doorbell linked to a wireless chrome bell push on a black Perspex plinth. The plinth incorporates a wireless extender and is connected to a chrome bell push, so that it becomes a purely wireless bell push arrangement without any need to cable to the inside. This then sends a wireless signal around your home when the bell push is pressed. The system has a 150m distance, 84dB volume, LED visual light and 6 melodies and operates at a frequency in the 868MHz range, which is a less crowded, and avoids any problems with interference.

  • Contemporary Styled Wireless Chrome Push on a Black Perspex plinth
  • 150m range (Metal frames, thick walls and UPVC frames will reduce the operating distance)
  • CD quality chime sound with a choice of 6 melodies, sound Level dB@1M, 84db
  • Plug-in chimes. Operating frequency, 868MHz.
  • Dimensions - Bell Push Plinth, 148mm x 104mm x 26mm, Bell Push 63mm Diam.