Friedland Libra+ Pro. 200m Wireless Doorbell kit with Wireless Period Matte Black Bell Push on Honey Oak Plinth

  • £93.95

A high quality wireless doorbell supplied with a Period Style push button on a wooden plinth. The wooden plinth includes a wireless extender and is wired to a doorbell push button, so that it sends a wireless signal when doorbell push button is pressed. The complete plinth is then mounted to a wall and is purely wireless, without the requirement for a cable connection to the inside. The Friedland Libra+ Pro has a long 200m range and operates at a frequency in the 868MHz range which is a less crowded, and avoids any problems with interference. The chime units have a strobe light, an analogue (rotary) volume control and CD sound quality from a large speaker. There are options of unvarnished oak, varnished oak, mahogany and tudor oak bases with brass, chrome, black, visitor brass and visitor chrome push buttons to select from. The plinth is designed to be attached to a wall, and can either be attached by 2 screws into slots on the wood, or attached by 2 long screws behind the push button. The 6, Libra+ Pro melodies are: St Clements, Westminster, Ding-Dong, Tube Chime, Warm Brass and Fantasy.

  • Period Styled Wireless Matte Black Push on a Varnished Honey Oak plinth
  • 200m range, ( Metal frames, thick walls and UPVC frames will reduce the operating distance ).
  • CD quality chime sound with a choice of 6 melodies, sound Level dB@1M, 90db
  • Free Standing or Wall Mounted, includes Strobe Light. Operating frequency, 868MHz.
  • Dimensions - Bell Push Plinth, 115mm x 115mm, Bell Push 76mm Diam.