PowerTXT, GSM Mains Power Control Socket

  • £119.95

Powertxt is a simple remote power control switch that is fully operated and controlled by text message commands (SMS) over the mobile network (GSM). Powertxt allows users to effortlessly control mains power remotely and reboot any equipment in seconds. Powertxt is so simple and easy to use; insert a SIM card, plug it into mains power, plug in your equipment and in >5 mins it gives you the ability to ?power cycle/reboot? your business-critical hardware simply and quickly from anywhere, anytime.

  • switching loads of up to 3KW (13A).
  • Instant power loss / restore text message (SMS) alerts to all users
  • Turn power on or off as required remotely by SMS
  • Control using your mobile phone or dedicated SMS software
  • •Control power by time delay (OFF in 20mins), time/day and temperature.