Smartwares SHS-54000 Wireless Weather Station with Display and Thermometer, Hygrometer, Wind and Rain Sensors

  • £145.95

The weather station can be used with the HomeWizard on its own via the LED display. Connect the wireless weather station with your HomeWizard to get weather data in real time, as well as weather graphs with the HomeWizard shared weather can be used. The high 868 MHz radio frequency allows a dual in your communication and an increased range. The sensors have a long battery life, as this will power consumption when not in use the sensors automatically reduced. Up to 10 sensors (Total Number of thermometer allows you to control, rain knives etc) up to the weather station and the HomeWizard. The weather station can also be used as a bridge between sensors and HomeWizard. If your wind meter on the roof are and your HomeWizard on the ground floor, this ensures that you can weather station between two floors and transmits the data to the HomeWizard. A special advantage of the weather station set is that the sensors have a long battery life, since the power consumption when not in use to reduce sensors automatically. With the Multi Function LED display you can retrieve the following values: * Time and calendar function * Alarm function * Sunrise and Sunset and * Moon Calendar * Indoor and outdoor temperature * Relative Humidity can be used indoors or outdoors * Min/Max trend indicator '* Hay and rain levels history * Min/Max trend indicator * Weather forecast '* Hay and rain levels history * Alarm function if predefined rain levels * Wind speed and wind direction * Wind chill to wind measurement * Max/Min wind speed * Max Removal of the measuring devices for station approximately 40 metres Package included: Multi function LED display/ - Wind knife Rain cover for

  • Wireless weather station; Home Wizard Compatible
  • Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • Multi-functional LED Display
  • Rain Gauge
  • An additional wind gague