2 x Mini Remote-Control Switch Modification of Light Switch Remote Switch

  • £33.75

With this built-in remote switch set of you will be able to reach every existing light switch on radio modification. Simply mount the Smarthome remote-control Built-in switch if your existing light switch in the switch box (Depth look at the Electric case 40 mm). Your existing light switch remains fully functional. The Mini Built-in switch is suitable for electronic devices and lights (LEDs, bulbs, halogen bulbs and energy-saving lamps) up to 400 watt. Thanks to the Selbstlerndenden system it is practical without interruption.'The signal of the Mini Radio Switch has a built-in wireless working range of up to 50 metres (depend on user environment). It can be accurately controlled "SmartHome Series with every Remote Control. The wireless control technology SmartHome serves as a low angle prop for great comfort and safety at the same time. * Set of 2 Mini Radio Built-in switch * Converts an existing switch into a radio switch * For devices and lights up to 400 watts /installation depth: 40 mm * Dimensions: approx. 5.0 x 5.0 x 1.5 cm (W x H x D) * Range of up to 50 m * Interference thanks to our unique Selbstlerndenem system'* Compatible with home control system "HomeWizard in and holds a black arrow pointing towards the home easy range

  • Control with any homeEasy & smarthome remote control, Compatible with HomeWizard
  • For devices and lights up to 400 watts
  • Convert an existing switch into a remote-controlled switch without extra effort
  • Self-learning recipient
  • Range of up to 50 meters in open air